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Welcome to Natura tree services. We are one of the best tree services in the Tampa and St.Pete area. No matter what your tree service needs are, we are here to help you. Our well trained professionals are one of the best in the industry. We are equipped with cutting-edge technology machinery to handle any kind of tasks from cranes to Grinding equipment. Our certified tree doctors and arborists can diagnose and analyze any kind of tree problems and propose the best possible solution saving you tree and money. At Natura tree services, we understand that  in order to get quality tree services, you don’t have to break your bank. We offer affordable tree service and maintenance plans for all your tree service needs. We offer both residential tree services like pruning, landscaping, trimming and tree removal etc and commercial tree services like landscape design, tree removal, pruning, palm tree services etc. The fact that we have the highest customer satisfaction rate with 95% long-standing repeat customers reflects our dedication in exceeding customer satisfaction. Our emergency response technicians are available 24/7 to handle any tree related emergencies and get you back on track in no time.

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High Quality Service with affordable prices

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Wide range of tree services

Friendly, professional and certified arborists

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Highly satisfied customer with 5 star ratings.

Tree Doctor and Arborist Service :

We at Natura tree services have certified tree doctors and arborists that can diagnose your trees in a professional manner. Our arborists have tons of experience and have an expert eye in finding out the problem areas and suggesting you recommend tree services that are essential for your overall tree health. Some of the elements that our arborist looks for are tree pests and bugs and insects that have infested and caused damage to your trees, dead branches and leaves that could cause property damage, tree trimming and tree pruning essentials to maintain overall health of the tree. After initial diagnosis of the tree, our arborists will ask you for some more information like what kind of previous tree care has been given to the tree, what is the age and size of the tree and most importantly what species does that tree belong to based on all these information, we will devise a plan of action to handle the situation more effectively. 

Tree Trimming and Pruning : 

All trees need trimming and pruning periodically to maintain the health and longevity of the tree. Pruning helps the trees to grow more towards its natural shape and also to have stronger and more robust branches. Our pruning techniques include removing the dead branches and leaves where insects and disease might grow and damage the tree. We also remove the branches that are involved in branch crossings which might cause tree damage. Our Arborist will decide which branches to prune and what are the best pruning methods to be used to increase the vitality and longevity of the tree. Don’t let dead and uneven tree branches ruin your trees. If you are dealing with diseased branches or uneven tree structures, call us to avoid the risk of tree removal. Tree maintenance like timely tree trimming is very essential to make sure the branches don’t damage your personal and neighbors property. If you are dealing with an immediate tree service or want to know more about overall tree maintenance. Give us a call !

Tree Removal : 

Nature tree services also provide you with tree removal services. Tree removal is the last option that any arborist would suggest after all the treatment options have failed. In some cases, tree removal is vital in a liability standpoint, where fallen branches on neighbors property or on pedestrians can be a costly affair. Some of the signs to notice on your trees to decide whether  you needed your tree to be removed or taken care of are partial to complete defoliation, dead branches. The longer you wait for a tree inspection on a suspicious tree the more it  might cost you in the long run. Get your trees inspection with our certified arborist and have peace of mind knowing that your trees are safe. All our services include cleaning up of the debris and wood chips that was caused during the tree removal process and making sure the removal area is well covered with soil and other elements that would look good.

Tree Maintenance and Demossing : 

Regular tree maintenance is something of an essential element of having trees around the property. Whether you are dealing with residential or commercial, regular tree maintenance gives you peace of mind, avoiding costly measures like tree removal and bulk demossing. Regular tree maintenance will also give your property a better aesthetic appeal and more light coming through the tree towards the ground which helps the little plants and shrubs to grow. Demossing is actually recommended for trees in Florida, Trees like oak tree and other big trees are much more prone to moss on them. The two varieties of moss are ball moss and spanish moss. The ball moss is very detrimental to the overall health of your trees. It drains out the nutrients and vital elements out of your trees. Spanish moss is not so harmful to the tree, but it needs to be removed in a timely manner as it can suffocate the foliage of your main tree from sunlight and air.

Living in Florida means green lush tropical looking Palm Trees, Although palm trees add a good tropical look to the property they also require regular annual maintenance of trimming and pruning. We don’t use spikes to climb the palm tree which could cause severe damage to the tree but rather use a manlift where we can easily remove dead fronds and dead seed pods which is very essential for a healthy palm tree.

Stump Removal :

Based on the size of the tree stump we will choose one of the machinery to remove the stump. Stump grinding involves cutting the stump as closely as possible to the ground and clearing off any rocks away from the stump using machinery like a stump grinder to grind the stump into small pieces and once the job is completed our arborists will clean up the ground with any wooden chips and cover the ground with soil. We have cutting edge equipment to handle any size of stump removal. After successful removal of the stump, we make sure to clean up the area and make sure to cover the affected area with soil.

Tree Relocation :

Whether you are designing a new landscape for your commercial property or wanted to have a tropical look by planting palm trees around your residential property, we can help you transport any kind of trees and plants and also make sure the trees are well cared for during the commute.

Landscape Design :

Our certified Arborists are highly experienced in landscape. Whether you wanted a new landscape redesign for your existing property or a new residential property or if you wanted a landscape design for your commercial property natura tree services can help you achieve your goals. Our Arborists and landscape experts will consult with you to understand your goals and your tastes for your landscape and come up with a plan to work along with any big trees, rocks, driveways, pavements etc. some of the things we consider while designing your outdoor landscape is where you would be having your dinner parties, kids playing area, garden bed, patio sitting area. We will use different plants, shrubs, trees of your choice to cater to your taste.

Emergency Tree Service : 

We at natura tree services understand that accidents can happen anytime and emergency situations can happen to anyone. We offer 27/7 emergency tree services to cater to any of your emergency situations needs. Whatever your emergency situation could be, a broken branch, a fallen tree, branches touching electric wires, hurricane damaged tree and branches, heavy wind gust and rain damaged trees. Whatever your situation might be we have the manpower and tools to respond to your emergency and get you back on track. If you are looking for a tree company near me or tree removal tampa, you have found the right company. 

We are your local tree removal and tree maintenance company offering wide range of tree related services in tampa, clearwater, sarasota, bradenton, parrish, fort hamer, rubonia, ellenton, palmetto, willow, terra ceia, samoset, lakewood ranch, the meadows, north sarasota. Call us for a free consultation.